About Us

The very thought of brewing instant drinks started right in the middle of the pandemic year 2020. After intensive research and development throughout the second half of year 2020, finally Yuva Brews' first product the unique "Instant Bombay Masala Chai" & "Instant Chennai Filter Kaapi" went on sale in the 1st month of 2021.
Yuva Brews is constantly working on introducing new instant drink flavours to the market. At Yuva Brews, we always believe that the taste, texture and aroma of any drink is always more important than the amount of drink one is served. Using natural flavours and ingredients has always been our top priority. Its always a big NO for us to use any kind of preservatives and artificial flavouring which at the end does'nt make our products last as longer as other similar products available in the market but we take that as a challenge and make our products so rich, flavourful and tasty that it will always be consumed and finshed way before its expiry date.
The instant booster one needs during a hectic day at work, or at home on a rainy day sitting by the window watching the world, or the morning kick one needs to push themselves throughout the day efficiently is what gave birth to the very thought of Instant Masala Chai & Instant Filter Kaapi.