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CHENNAI FILTER KAAPI - 15 Sachets - Without Sugar

CHENNAI FILTER KAAPI - 15 Sachets - Without Sugar

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Our Chennai Filter Kaapi is a signature blend of perfectly roasted, fine Arabica and Robusta beans, chicory herb and real milk powder imported all the way from New Zealand. It infuses completely in hot water to give out a strong aroma that fills the room and a rich coffee flavor that awakens the senses. The taste of authentic Chennai filter kaapi without any non-dairy creamers, preservatives or other artificial flavors.


Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Filter Coffee Powder, Full Cream Milk Powder & Brown Sugar.

Per 100g

Per serving (30g)


461 kcal (1936 kJ)

138 kcal (580 kJ)


59 g

17.7 g

Total Sugar

39.1 g

12.18 g


16.3 g

4.89 g


17.8 g

5.34 g


216 mg

64.8 mg

Total Dietary Fiber

8.4 g

2.52 g

How to Make

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