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TEH HALIA (Ginger Milk Tea) - 15 Sachets - ORIGINAL

TEH HALIA (Ginger Milk Tea) - 15 Sachets - ORIGINAL

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Evoke the aroma of Malaysian street tea stalls at your home within a minute of preparing our spicy Malaysian Teh Halia. Treat yourself to the blended goodness of finest ginger sourced from India and premium milk powder from New Zealand. This tea transforms into a rich, velvety consistency and its delightful flavour serves as a comforting embrace on chilly nights as well as a savory companion with meals.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Instant Tea Powder, Ginger, Brown Sugar and Full Cream Milk Powder.

Per 100g

Per serving (25g)


445 kcal (1869 kJ)

111.25 kcal (467 kJ)


47.259 g

11.8 g

Total Sugar

40.3 g

10 g


16 g

4 g


18.8 g

4.7 g


286.1 mg

71.5 mg

Total Dietary Fiber

11.4 g

2.85 g

How to Make

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